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How to Beat the Summer Heat in Hawaii May 15, 2019

North Shore, Waialua
How to Beat the Summer Heat in Hawaii, Waialua, Hawaii

There’s an abundance of exciting activities to do while you’re visiting Hawaii, including hiking the mountains, sightseeing along the beach, and walking to get shave ice. Although the Aloha State is known for its tropical weather, a day in the sun can leave you feeling exhausted and drained. Here are a few ways you can cool off if you’re spending the day outdoors.

3 Ways to Cool Down on a Hot Day in Hawaii

1. Eat a Cold Treat

Cool off by eating a delicious bowl of shave ice. Similar to snow cones, this refreshing snack is made of shaved ice topped with flavored syrups. Enjoy shave ice at a covered picnic area or under the leaves of a tropical tree before resuming your activities.

2. Enjoy the Shade & Breeze

shave iceHide from the heat and bask in the shade near a river to enjoy the breeze off the water. The Anahulu River on the North Shore of Oahu is a peaceful waterway that features beautiful scenery, and its cool breezes will immediately refresh your body and mind. At 7.1 miles long, it’s the longest river in on the island and one the island’s most popular paddleboarding and kayaking spots.

3. Do an Aquatic Activity

Hop in the water if you’re feeling warm and sticky. Try paddleboarding or kayaking so that you can cool off while continuing to enjoy the tropical sun. If it’s your first time, consider doing these activities in a river as it’s less turbulent than the ocean’s waves.


If you want to experience all of these cooling tips, visit Tsue’s Farm in Haleiwa, HI. Established in 2013, this local activities center is ideal for individuals, couples, and families with young children. They offer guided tours along the Anahulu River as well as kayak, paddleboard, and canoe rentals. The property features a cafe with an outdoor seating area where guests can enjoy favored island treats, like shave ice and garlic shrimp. View their activities online, or call (808) 744-5428 to ask about their special package deals. Read the latest customer reviews on Trip Advisor.