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Common Wasps You'll Find in the South May 15, 2019

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Common Wasps You'll Find in the South, Statesboro, Georgia

Now that spring is in full swing, residents in Southern states are starting to notice an influx of wasps. While these insects can be dangerous and difficult to deal with, experienced pest control companies are ready to assist when needed. To better understand what you’re dealing with and when it’s time to call in the cavalry, here’s a rundown of common wasps that live in the South. 

3 Southern Wasps & When to Call Pest Control

1. Paper Wasps

Paper wasps are mostly brown with a bit of yellow coloring, and they get their name due to the paper-like material their nests are composed of. They’re likely to nest in residential yards under eaves or roof overhangs, so spotting the actual nest is the easiest way to identify them. These wasps are territorial and may sting you to protect the nest, so it’s best to call a pest control company for assistance; however, you may be able to carefully remove a nest on your own if it’s still very small. Wear long, thick clothing and perform the task around dusk when the wasps are less active for removal. Store-bought wasp spray with a long range is best. If you or a family member is allergic, however, don’t try it on your own.

2. Yellow Jackets

pest controlYellow jackets have a similar black and yellow coloring that you see in bees, but their elongated body and thinner waist differentiate them in appearance. Yellow jackets are incredibly aggressive, and nests can contain thousands of these flying insects.

If you notice a handful of yellow jackets buzzing around your property, odds are there’s a nest somewhere in the ground or possibly inside a wall of your home, making access difficult even if the danger level were lower. Professional pest control is strongly recommended due to their aggressive nature, willingness to follow and sting those who threaten the nest, and the sheer numbers in any given nest. 

3. Hornets

While hornets and yellow jackets look similar, hornets can grow to be much larger. These highly aggressive wasps have the ability to sting prey multiple times with no harm to themselves, so extreme caution should be used when you find a nest, and removal should be performed by professional exterminators. Their nests can be identified by a globe shape and are most commonly found in trees, roof overhangs, and porches. 


If you’re looking for a dedicated pest control company that can help you eliminate a wasp nest, Quality Exterminators of Georgia is the right team for the job. Known for efficient, high-quality service that focuses on safety, you can trust these residential exterminators to protect your home from insects and unwanted critters. Call today at (912) 764-6173 to schedule an appointment and visit their website to learn more about their 35 years of experience serving Bullock, Screven, Jenkins, and Evans counties in Georgia. 

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