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Should You Leave Your HVAC On or Off While You’re Traveling? May 15, 2019

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Should You Leave Your HVAC On or Off While You’re Traveling?, Middletown, Ohio

With summer vacation just on the horizon, homeowners may be contemplating whether to leave their heating and cooling systems on or off while they’re away. While there’s no hard and fast answer, there are several different factors to consider. To provide insight into the pros and cons of each option, here’s a helpful guide.  

Handling Your Heating and Cooling System While Traveling

Leaving the HVAC On

One of the biggest pros of leaving the HVAC on while you’re away in the summer is that you can maintain a cool environment with reduced humidity. That means your home will be comfortable as soon as you return, and you won’t need to wait for humid and/or stifling rooms to cool down. That said, if you’re away for a few weeks or more, you’ll waste energy and spend more than if you had kept it off.  

However, if you’re only away for a brief period such as a week or less, it’s actually advisable to keep the air conditioner on, just set it at a higher temperature. This will help you keep the humidity level under control and prevent the AC from having to harshly transition from a hot home to a more comfortable temperature.

Turning the HVAC Off

heating and coolingMany homeowners will turn off their heating and cooling systems while they’re away to save money. This may be a viable option if the weather forecast isn’t calling for any extreme heat. However, while this can certainly help save some strain on your wallet, it isn’t ideal if you have pets. A happy medium would be to keep the system on but set the thermostat a few degrees higher than normal. This will make for a comfortable and safe environment for your pets while not breaking the bank.


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