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3 Tips for Navigating Child Custody May 15, 2019

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3 Tips for Navigating Child Custody, Platteville, Wisconsin

Emotions can run high during a divorce, especially when there are children involved. However, remember that no matter how you feel about your ex-spouse, the kids must come first. Avoid turning child custody proceedings into “battles” with help from experienced divorce lawyers and by keeping the following tips in mind.

3 Tips for Successfully Negotiating Child Custody

1. Take a Little Time

Suggest taking some time before beginning custody proceedings to your ex-spouse. Both of you are likely dealing with a range of emotions, which can make discussions about custody unproductive. Give yourself time to breathe so you arrive at the hearing clear-headed and ready to discuss what’s best for your children. Entering counseling before proceedings to work through your emotions is also beneficial. Children can also benefit from therapy following a divorce, whether it’s with you or with a counselor only.

2. Hire a Mediator

divorce lawyersRequest mediator recommendations from your divorce lawyers to keep proceedings civil. Mediators help both parties stay on track with creating an equal plan for co-parenting after a separation. With an impartial third party present to guide the conversation, separated parents have an easier time with establishing a plan that’s in the best interest of their children. A mediator will also ensure that no subjects go uncovered in the custody agreement, so parents will always have a plan to reference for future holidays, special occasions, and other family events.

3. Keep an Open Mind

Enter child custody proceedings with an open mind so you can reach an agreement efficiently. As you divide assets and time with the kids, remember to prioritize the needs of your children. The purpose of establishing custody is to create a successful system for co-parenting. Sometimes this means making difficult compromises, and keeping an open mind will make the process less stressful for all parties. Your divorce lawyer will also be there for support to help the proceedings move along smoothly. If you are calm, composed, and willing to compromise, your ex will likely follow suit.


When you need professional counsel to help your child custody hearing go smoothly, work with the divorce lawyers at Scott & Heenan LLC. The law firm has served Grant County, WI, since 1999 and their specialized knowledge and expertise will help you navigate custody and other family law matters seamlessly. They are also the only practice in the area that specializes in DUIs. Call (608) 348-9506 today to schedule a consultation or learn more about the firm’s practice areas online

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