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3 Signs Your Parking Lot Needs to Be Resurfaced May 15, 2019

Anchorage, Anchorage County
3 Signs Your Parking Lot Needs to Be Resurfaced, Anchorage, Alaska

Even the best-laid asphalt parking lot will eventually be affected by the weather and the everyday wear and tear that it receives to the point that it needs overlaying. It’s a small nuisance of owning property, but knowing the signs that it’s time to schedule another parking lot paving helps you avoid more costly repairs down the road and keeps your clients happy.

When Should You Resurface Your Asphalt Parking Lot?

1. Pooling Water

If you notice that water is settling on the parking lot after it rains, it’s an indicator that it has drainage problems. A properly leveled parking lot allows the water to drain naturally away from the area. If this isn’t happening, it could damage the bonds that hold the asphalt together.

2. Warping & Cracks

AsphaltThe onslaught of vehicles driving in your parking lot, particularly the turning of the wheels, puts intense pressure on the asphalt and causes it to warp, making it unsafe for both pedestrians and drivers alike. Similarly, it will require asphalt reconstruction over time because of cracking caused by normal usage and weathering. If caught early, these cracks can easily be sealed, but if they continue to grow, they will require asphalt overlaying to repair.

3. Potholes

Typically caused by the expansion and contraction of the soil under the asphalt, potholes can inflict serious damage on the vehicles passing through and serve as a dangerous tripping hazard for pedestrians. Plus, they are an eyesore that negatively reflects on your business.


When you need asphalt reconstruction, contact the experts at Ron Webb Paving & Snow Removal in Anchorage, AK. For the past 40 years, their licensed and insured team has been providing a variety of services to keep your asphalt parking lot in good condition, from asphalt overlaying to brand new paving. No matter what issue your lot is facing, their team can diagnose the problem and provide fast, reliable solutions. Schedule a consultation today by calling (907) 349-3724, or visit them online to learn more about their services.
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