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How Ultrawide Diameter Dental Implants Can Prevent Bone Loss May 15, 2019

Soldotna, Kenai Peninsula
How Ultrawide Diameter Dental Implants Can Prevent Bone Loss, Soldotna, Alaska

Healthy teeth are held in place with roots that integrate with the jawbone. However, when these teeth are lost, the lack of roots can cause individuals to lose bone mass—a problem that can contribute to misaligned smiles and premature aging. For this reason, dentists often encourage patients to replace missing teeth with dental implants—a permanent, natural-looking prosthetic. While standard implants will usually preserve the jawbone, there are situations when an ultrawide diameter implant may be better to keep your mouth intact. 

What Does Research Say About Ultrawide Diameter Implants & Bone Loss?

Although dental implants have been long regarded as a top way to preserve jawbone material, there hasn’t been much evidence to demonstrate the benefits of ultrawide diameter implants—or those that are six millimeters or wider.

Recently, however, research has emerged to showcase the potential of these devices. In the study, subjects were given ultrawide diameter implants immediately after a molar tooth was removed. After four months of healing, a crown was placed on top. Using diagnostic imaging, researchers found that patients experienced minimal bone loss. More notably, the implants were shown to maintain dimensions that mirrored those of natural teeth.

What Are Other Advantages of Ultrawide Diameter Implants?

dental implantsSome individuals may lose teeth that are larger than the standard dental implant. In these cases, two posts may need to be inserted before the final crown can be attached. This process can extend treatment time, placing more demands on the patient.

By contrast, ultrawide diameter implants are designed to require only one post to stay secure. As a result, patients can restore their smile in a faster and comfortable fashion.

Are Ultrawide Diameter Implants Right for Me?

Not all situations will call for ultrawide diameter dental implants. Typically, these prosthetics are reserved for lost molars—or the teeth located in the back of the mouth. Other individuals may also require them if they have larger-than-average teeth. Still, the best way to determine if this solution is right for you is to consult a trusted dentist who is well-versed in custom prosthetics.  


When your smile isn’t as flawless or as functional as it should be, Chris L. Hudson, DDS is here to help restore your oral health. Utilizing advanced tools and techniques, this Soldotna, AK, family dentist streamlines the dental implant process to help you gain results that are comfortable, secure, and attractive. If implants aren’t right for you, Dr. Hudson can also introduce you to many other restorative and cosmetic options to enhance your smile—such as dental crowns and teeth whitening. Visit this Kenai Peninsula dentist online to learn more about these capabilities or call (907) 262-5454 to schedule a convenient consultation.

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