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How a Wall-Mounted HVAC System Can Tame Hot & Cold Zones May 14, 2019

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How a Wall-Mounted HVAC System Can Tame Hot & Cold Zones , Goshen, New York

When you have a traditional central air system, you might suspect that you have maximum control over your indoor climate. But don’t let the size of the equipment fool you—these ducted systems are still known to create hot and cold spots throughout the home. By contrast, smaller, ductless wall-mounted cooling and heating systems—such as those from Mitsubishi Electric®—offer distinct advantages that can improve your indoor temperature control. If your current HVAC unit isn’t cutting it, here’s what you need to know about taking back your thermostat with a ductless system.

Understanding Indoor Temperature Imbalances

Does My Home Have Hot or Cold Zones?

If you think about how your HVAC controls climate from room to room, it’s easy to identify specific hot and cold zones. For example, sunrooms and basements change temperatures at different rates because of their unique exposure—or lack thereof—to the outdoors. Upstairs bedrooms may also be harder to cool, as heat rises. Lack of ventilation and poor sealing, on the other hand, may cause problems in garages.

ductless systemsWhile hot and cold zones are more common in certain rooms, they can form anywhere that your central air system is compromised. For instance, duct leaks and faulty thermostat sensors may make it impossible to achieve balanced temperatures throughout your home.

What Is a Wall-Mounted Ductless System?

Instead of using ducts to blow air throughout all areas of a home, wall-mounted systems are designed to change the temperature in specific zones or rooms. Essentially, these mini-split units consist of an indoor evaporator unit connected through the wall to an outdoor condenser unit.

When air conditioning, these components work together to pull in hot air, cool it, and release them back inside while expelling extra heat outdoors. In the winter, this process can be reversed to heat the home’s interior.

How Do Mitsubishi Electric Ductless Systems Help Eliminate Hot & Cold Zones?

Due to their isolated location, each Mitsubishi Electric can deliver a powerful flow of air that can quickly and efficiently heat or cool a room. By installing units in key areas of your home, you only have to adjust the temperature in the rooms you’re using. This configuration also allows you to set different temperatures in different zones, allowing everyone in your household to find a comfortable balance.

Some models also come equipped with smart thermostat capabilities that allow you to adjust temperatures from wherever you are.


If you want to discover the seamless control and superior performance that Mitsubishi Electric mini-splits can offer, trust in the specialists at Jones Services. Providing heating and cooling services in Goshen, NY, for over 30 years, this Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Contractor™ can swiftly and reliably install state-of-the-art ductless systems. Known for their stellar customer care, this company also offers affordable services—including their current deal that could save you up to $500 on new wall-mounted models. Visit this HVAC specialist online to learn more about their capabilities or call (845) 294-1010 to request assistance.

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