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How to Plant a New Tree the Right Way May 15, 2019

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How to Plant a New Tree the Right Way, St. Charles, Missouri

Whether you’ve just moved to a new property or you’re hoping to fill up the back yard, planting a new tree is an exciting and rewarding activity. However, just like any plant, a long, healthy life for trees requires a thoughtful beginning. If you want to plant a tree that continues to stand strong for years, use the following step-by-step tree service guide.

A Brief Guide to Planting New Trees

1. Make a Wide, Shallow Hole

To give the roots of your new tree enough space to spread out and grow quickly, create a spacious home for the plant. As a general rule of thumb, ambitious gardens should dig a hole that’s twice as wide as the root ball. However, don’t follow the same instructions when it comes to depth — to stop the tree from sinking too far into the ground, only make a hole as deep as the root ball is tall.

2. Stabilize the Root Ball

tree serviceWind, rain, and animals can cause a newly planted tree to shift or lean in the ground. To prevent root damage, stabilize the root ball by adding soil around it, being careful not to pack it too tightly. Walk around the tree as you go to ensure the trunk’s final position is perfectly vertical. Then, use stakes to firmly attach the root ball to the soil beneath it, and gently tie the top of the stake around the trunk of the new tree.

3. Add Mulch & Water

Once your planting is in place, ensure it has the shelter and nutrients it needs to grow big and strong. Water the tree right after planting and continue to water it every day for the following few weeks. Lay mulch in a thick layer (about three inches deep) around the base of the tree, leaving some space between the trunk and the mulch. This will prevent water from evaporating, as well as keep weeds from poking through. Avoid packing mulch tightly or adding too much — this could prevent water and oxygen from reaching the roots.


If you’d like professional help with taking care of your young tree, turn to Liscombe Tree Service of St. Charles, MO. With their pruning, trimming, and health inspection services, your landscape’s newest addition will thrive for years to come. Should disease or pests become a problem, this tree service company also offers removal services. For more information on their trusted arborists and their services, visit the website. Call (314) 650-9055 to schedule a tree service appointment today.

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