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Top 3 Boating Safety Tips for Memorial Day May 15, 2019

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Top 3 Boating Safety Tips for Memorial Day, Anchorage, Alaska

Celebrating Memorial Day on the water is a tradition for families across the country. Like with any other vehicle, there are some safety precautions people should take when operating a boat, which could cause accidents that put a damper on the holiday. Before leaving the marina this Memorial Day, here are a few steps that will ensure a safe and fun celebration.

How to Have a Safe Memorial Day on the Water

1. Wear Life Jackets

marinaPeople can fall overboard, especially if you’re on a smaller, faster vessel. To ensure these accidents are harmless, have everyone fasten their life jackets before setting out from the marina. You should have enough for all people on board, and they should wear them at all times.

2. Use an Engine Cut-Off Device

It only takes a single sharp turn or wave to send a passenger or the driver overboard. Engine cut-off devices attach to the controls, automatically halting the boat if it stops being operated. Not only will this keep the family safe in case you get distracted or flung out, but it also prevents damage to your beloved vessel.

3. Assign a Designated Driver

Memorial Day celebrations can involve alcohol. Operating a boat under the influence of alcohol is a federal offense, and could result in license suspension and even criminal charges. It also puts your family, friends, and other people at risk. To help you get back to the marina safely, make sure you or someone else who’s driving the boat is refraining from drinking.

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