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How You Can Remedy Hot & Cold Rooms With Wall-Mounted HVAC Units May 14, 2019

Charleston, Staten Island
How You Can Remedy Hot & Cold Rooms With Wall-Mounted HVAC Units, Staten Island, New York

In a perfect world, every room would be exactly heated or cooled to your preferences. However, leaky ducts, poor ventilation, overworked air conditioning systems, and limited insulation can sabotage that ideal. If you notice rooms in your home that are consistently warmer or cooler than you want them to be, here are the causes of this phenomena and some tips for resolving it.

What Causes Hot or Cold Rooms?

First, you should check for the obvious solutions. Maybe you’ve moved furniture in front of a vent accidentally, or maybe the air filter is clogged, making it hard for your system to deliver air. Once you’ve ruled out these possibilities, consider the windows in the room. If they’re old, they may be leaking air and reducing energy efficiency.

air conditioning systemSome rooms are also just more prone to being cold or hot. Florida rooms are designed to let sunlight in, so they’ll be warmer naturally. Attic bedrooms will be warm because of rising heat, while basements are cooler because they’re below ground level. Other causes may include leaky ductwork, an outdated air conditioning system, or homes with multiple levels.

How Can You Address Them?

In some rooms, caulking or replacing leaky windows may reduce air loss. In multi-level homes, it often makes sense to upgrade to a zoned air conditioning system. These ductless units are installed in individual rooms and can be adjusted independently, so each room will match the preferences of the person in it. Even if you’re keeping your central air, a ductless unit can address individual hot or cold rooms, such as a workshop or sunroom.


If you’re ready to resolve hot spots and cold rooms with a ductless system, work with the Mitsubishi Electric® Diamond Contractors™ at Scaran Heating & Cooling. For over nearly 90 years, they’ve served companies and homeowners throughout Staten Island, NY. They’re also currently offering up to $500 off a new Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning system. Learn more about their services on their website or call (718) 984-0805.

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