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How to Safely Move Your Valuables May 15, 2019

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How to Safely Move Your Valuables, Cincinnati, Ohio

Whether you’re hiring a moving company or preparing for relocation on your own, properly packing any valuables is a high priority. From wine bottles to an old comic book collection, there are different protocols you should take to safely transport the collectibles. If you are planning for a move, consider the following ways you can preserve and protect your valuables.


The first step in safely moving your valuables is to purchase the right packing materials. A local moving company should have foam sheets to separate breakables or cushioning material to protect more oddly shaped items. There are different methods you can use to pack the collection, depending on what the materials are and the level of protection needed.

moving companyFor example, when packing something breakable like a wine collection, consider getting a box with cell dividers, which create small, individual spaces for each bottle. When placing the wine in the box, place a layer of cushioning material around each bottle to offer protection if they accidentally touch during the move. For something that’s still delicate but not necessarily breakable, like a comic book collection, make sure each book has its own plastic sleeve and then place it in the box with a cardboard sheet between each edition.

Other Preparations

If you’re using a moving company’s services to transfer your belongings, clearly label any delicate or valuable materials on the outside of the box. You can use “fragile” stickers or write it on the box with a marker. For more valuable items, consider having them insured before the move so that if something does happen during the relocation, the collection will be protected.


Whether you need supplies for your next relocation or prefer to hire a reliable moving company, speak with the professionals at Ferguson Moving & Storage in Cincinnati, OH. This business is fully licensed and insured, providing you with a high level of security when having your valuables transported to your new home. To learn more about how they can help you take care of your collection during your next move, visit them online or call (513) 271-9200.

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