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Top 5 Benefits of Summer Math Tutoring May 14, 2019

Vinings, Cobb
Top 5 Benefits of Summer Math Tutoring, Vinings, Georgia

With summer quickly approaching, it’s time for parents to decide how their students will be spending their time off from school. While it’s important for kids to relax, they’ll have plenty of time for both fun and academics. Signing your child up for math tutoring ensures a productive break and a head start on the new school year. Whether they’re having difficulty in class or aiming to get ahead, here’s how a summer math program will benefit your student.

How Summer Math Tutoring Will Help Your Student

1. One-on-One Teaching

During the school year, teachers aren’t always able to individually assist every student. Summer math tutoring gives your child the opportunity to ask as many questions as they want. Math tutors can identify your student’s strengths and weaknesses while customizing lessons to best suit their unique personality and learning style.

2. More Time to Catch Up

If students couldn’t keep up with certain concepts in class, they might end up feeling left behind when school starts. It can be challenging to follow subsequent lessons as math concepts tend to build off of one another. Summer gives students plenty of time to understand what they missed, solidify their foundation for math concepts, and catch up to where they need to be when the school year begins.

3. Practice Test-Taking

math tutoringSome students complete math assignments with little to no issues, but when the day of the big test arrives, they freeze up. Test-taking anxiety can negatively affect grades and discourage students from studying. To combat test-related nerves and stress, summer is a good time to work with tutors on effective test taking techniques.

4. Avoid Summer Learning Loss

The summer slide is a well-known phenomenon in which students lose much of what they learned during the previous year. NWEA research shows that learning loss seems to increase as students age, and by the summer after seventh grade, kids can lose as much as 50% of last year’s math gains. If studying continues through the summer, however, your child will retain and reinforce their learning.

5. Educational Enrichment

Summer math tutoring is not just for students who are struggling in math, even students who are performing well can benefit from summer math tutoring. Math enrichment will place your child ahead of the curriculum, giving them a head start on understanding new and difficult concepts. They’ll demonstrate proficiency, achieve higher scores, and strengthen their GPA for college applications.


Have your child make the most of their summer with a customized math learning program from Mathnasium of Smyrna. Serving Metro Atlanta and the Cobb County, GA, area, Mathnasium tutors teach math in a way that makes sense to your child. Using the trusted Mathnasium Method™, they create a personalized plan for each student to learn, improve, and succeed. Call (770) 436-4949 to discuss enrollment with the tutoring center. For details about their summer program, visit them online.

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