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How Are Women’s Heart Attacks Different From Men’s? May 15, 2019

Northwest Travis, Travis County
How Are Women’s Heart Attacks Different From Men’s?, Northwest Travis, Texas

As we age, our risk for many serious conditions increases. One such condition is a heart attack, which is why promoting cardiovascular health is an essential component of quality senior care. While prevention is the best way to approach heart attacks, you also want to understand the signs of cardiac arrest. Below are a few ways that symptoms often differ in men and women.

What Are the Common Symptoms for Men?

Men typically experience the symptoms of a heart attack that one might expect, including chest pain. This discomfort may feel like a squeezing sensation or uncomfortable pressure. In some instances, the pain is sudden and extreme, but it often comes on slowly as well.

How Do Symptoms Differ for Women? 

Women may also feel chest pain, but they’re more likely than men to experience other signs of cardiac arrest. These symptoms could include difficulty breathing, nausea, vomiting, lightheadedness, and discomfort in the upper body. Pain may occur in the jaw, neck, one or both arms, shoulder, and stomach.

What Should You Do If You Notice These Signs?

senior careIf you suspect you or someone else is having a heart attack, get help immediately and call 911. Acting quickly is the best course of action when it comes to handling cardiac arrest. Emergency responders can administer treatment right away and will ensure a patient is seen promptly if they need to be taken to the hospital. 

How Can You Prevent Heart Attacks?

Comprehensive senior care encompasses treatment for any existing health care concerns, while also preventing future issues. Seniors need to boost their cardiovascular health by eating a balanced diet low in added sugar, high-sodium foods, and saturated fats. Controlling blood pressure and cholesterol are also two key aspects of reducing the risk of heart attacks. Limiting alcohol consumption, avoiding smoking, and exercising regularly can also help prevent cardiovascular events. 


The risk of a heart attack naturally increases with age, which is why seniors should have immediate access to trained healthcare professionals. At Longhorn Village in Austin, TX, medical staff is always nearby to provide quality senior care. This living community offers all of the amenities needed for an active, enjoyable life with ample opportunities for exercise, social interaction, and healthy eating. Learn more about their senior care services by visiting their website or call (512) 266-5600 to set up a tour.

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