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The Proper Ways to Sort Your Laundry May 15, 2019

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The Proper Ways to Sort Your Laundry, Morning Star, North Carolina

When it comes to preserving the longevity of your laundry and appliances, knowing how to sort your belongings is a good first step. Whether you’ve accidentally ruined your favorite top or required appliance repairs because of improper use, sorting your laundry will help you avoid these common problems. The next time you get ready to do a load of laundry, consider trying these methods of sorting.

Sorting By Color

Before placing your laundry into your appliances, sort your belongings based on their colors. You can form a pile for whites, lights, and darks. While you may think whites and lights can be placed in the same category, it’s a better idea to separate them because some whites will need bleach to restore their brightness. When washed with colors, you’ll have to use a color-safe bleach that may not fully treat your white fabrics.

appliancesAdditionally, keep darks and lights away from each other because some colors, such as red or purple, can bleed onto your light-colored laundry, especially your whites. If you want to keep your white garments from turning pink, don’t skip sorting by color! You may also want to wash blue jeans separately as well, as the dye used to color them is also known to transfer to other fabrics during the first few washes.

Sorting By Fabric

In addition to colors, you may want to separate your laundry based on fabric type. For example, materials with things like buttons or zippers could damage your more delicate garments. Before putting your laundry in your appliances, examine the varying fabrics you have, and try to pair rough, coarser fabrics with each other while keeping your delicates together to preserve the integrity of your garments.


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