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What Should You Do If Your Motorcycle Breaks Down on the Highway? May 15, 2019

Portage, Columbia
What Should You Do If Your Motorcycle Breaks Down on the Highway?, Portage, Wisconsin

No driver wants to break down while on the highway or interstate, but the situation can be especially hazardous for motorcyclists. If you often ride on busy roads or freeways, it’s important that you know exactly what to do if you experience issues. This will make it easier for you to act quickly and get yourself to safety, where you can call for help or roadside assistance. Here’s what to do if you ever find yourself in this situation.

What to Do If Your Motorcycle Breaks Down

1. Move as Far From the Road as Possible

The second you notice a strange noise or a problem with your motorcycle, put on your turn signal and try to get to an outside lane. Pay attention to other drivers and try not to panic. If you can, get to an exit or off to the right shoulder. Then slow down to a stop once you’re safely out of the way. Get your bike as far away from the road as you possibly can, then move yourself even further out of harm’s way if you need to, just in case other drivers aren’t paying attention.

2. Turn on Your Flashers

roadside assistanceYou also need to alert other drivers to the presence of your stopped bike, so turn on your flashers once you’ve come to a safe stop. You likely won’t have any flares or emergency lights with you since you’re on a bike, but anything you can do to visually call attention to your bike so other drivers will see it can help you stay safe while you call for help.

3. Call Roadside Assistance

As soon as you’re safely off the road, call for help from a nearby roadside assistance service. Make sure they serve your area, work with motorcycles, and offer 24-hour towing if you’re riding at night or on the weekend. Give them your exact location and any other relevant information so they can get to you as quickly as possible.


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