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A Guide to Grave Markers May 15, 2019

Le Roy, Genesee
A Guide to Grave Markers, Le Roy, New York

Whether you are selecting a grave marker for a loved one or you are preplanning your own memorial monument, understanding your choices and how the process works are critical steps. There are many options available to suit you and your family’s needs. Below are a few commonly asked questions about selecting one.

FAQ About Grave Markers

What are the options for grave markers?

The options for grave markers are extensive. From materials and colors to designs, monument companies can usually accommodate your family’s preferences and budget. There are flat grave markers as well as upright or slanted monuments, and even benches made from granite, marble, or bronze. You can also add art or cutout designs, and consider everything from simple shapes to intricate statues. As for colors, many people choose brown, gray, or black, but if the cemetery has no rules against it, you can pick tones like pink, blue, or red.

Can you add to an existing headstone?

grave markerMost monument companies will be able to add to an existing grave marker. They will match the font, material, and color already there and can change or add names and dates, as well as other elements and words depending on how much space is available.

What should be on the headstone?

The words on the grave marker are only limited by space and the cemetery’s restrictions. Names and birth and death dates are typical starting points, but many people include a favorite quote, song lyric, or short sentence to describe the loved one who has passed. You can also add artwork and photos. For example, if your loved one enjoyed sailing, you can use a nautical design. If your family wants religious symbols, you can adorn the monument with anything from crosses and angels to Jewish stars.

Do all cemeteries allow all types of grave markers?

Every cemetery has its own set of rules regarding grave markers, monuments, and headstones. Often, they require high-quality bronze or granite, and some ask for sketches of the final design for approval. Some locations also have space limitations and will only allow certain dimensions and styles. It is best to check with the cemetery before ordering anything to ensure it complies with their standards.


Since 1915, Derrick Monument Company Inc has offered quality grave markers for families throughout New York. Located in Genesee County, this family-owned business provides high-caliber craftsmanship and impeccable detail to suit your family’s requests. They also offer repair and restoration for headstones, as well as on-site lettering and solar lighting. Call (585) 768-8470 for more information, or visit their website for a look at their monument gallery.

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