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Should I Leave My Air Conditioning System on for My Pets? May 14, 2019

Downtown Brooklyn, Brooklyn
Should I Leave My Air Conditioning System on for My Pets?, Brooklyn, New York

If you’re planning any trips this summer or if you spend extended periods away from home for work, you might be tempted to save some money by turning off your air conditioning system. However, pet owners should be wary of turning their AC off entirely. There are some ways you can keep your pet comfortable while still saving money and making your home more energy efficient.

The Importance of Air Conditioning for Pets

Domesticated animals like dogs and cats are prone to health complications, including exhaustion or heat stress when exposed to high temperatures and humidity for long periods. Animals naturally cool themselves by panting, but this doesn’t work as effectively if they’re trapped in a hot and humid environment.

To avoid these issues, it’s essential that you leave your air conditioning system on in your home during extreme heat, even if you’re away. On cooler spring days, you may be able to turn off the AC and run some fans to keep them cool, but don’t risk it in the middle of summer when the sun is beating through your windows and raising indoor temperatures significantly.

How to Save Money on Cooling Costs With Pets

air conditioning systemEven though it’s important to leave the AC on for your pets on hot days, there are still ways to save money on cooling costs. For example, if you own a zoned ductless mini-split HVAC system, you can have the AC running in just the areas of the home your pet is in. If you have a basement or other part of your home that’s naturally cool, it may be the perfect spot to efficiently cool for your pets. Additionally, close blinds or curtains while you’re away so the sunlight doesn’t hinder the AC system’s efficiency.


If you’re interested in a ductless mini-split system that can help you efficiently cool your home and pets, MR. AIR NYC can help. Based in Brooklyn, the Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Contractor™ offers a wide array of services, including emergency repairs and installation of ductless heating and cooling systems. For those who are interested in a new heating and air conditioning system, the company is currently offering a spring rebate for up to $500 off a new installation. To take advantage of the deal or request service, contact the team online or call (917) 775-1614 today.

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