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Bailed Someone Out? Steps to Take if They Skip Court May 16, 2019

Silver Hill, Davidson
Bailed Someone Out? Steps to Take if They Skip Court, Silver Hill, North Carolina

Failing to show up for court appearances won’t only cause more legal trouble for the defendant. It can also have consequences for the person who put up collateral for the bail bond. If you used your savings, house, or additional possessions to get a loved one out of jail, you might have to forfeit the money or your belongings if they don’t show up. To protect your interests, consider taking the below steps. 

Help the Bail Agent Find the Person

If you worked with a bail agent to get the defendant released, they’ll get a notice that the person didn’t show up in court. At this point, the bail bond is in default. To avoid forfeiture, the court will allow a certain amount of time to track the person down and make sure they appear in court. This can include going to their home, office, or other places they’re known to frequent.

Lexington North Carolina bail bondsA bench warrant will also be issued for their arrest. Once the person is found, you can return them to police custody and complete any relevant paperwork to get the bail bond out of default. In some states, lying about why they didn’t come to court and additional factors can affect whether the premium for the bond is returned. 

Hire a Bounty Hunter to Bring Them In

The defendant might have left the area to avoid their legal matters. In this case, a bail bond agent will work with you to secure help from a bounty hunter. These professionals typically handle criminal cases. In many states, bounty hunters are required to have formal training. In North Carolina, for example, individuals must complete pre-licensing education and pass an exam to earn their license. Once the person is located and returned to custody, the court will look at your options for getting your bail bond out of delinquency. 


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