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How to Minimize Spring Allergies for a Senior Loved One May 17, 2019

West Farms, Bronx
How to Minimize Spring Allergies for a Senior Loved One, Bronx, New York

When you reach your golden years, spring allergies are particularly bothersome and can exacerbate other medical conditions. With this in mind, home health care providers who specialize in senior care often remind families to take extra precautions to ensure elderly loved ones remain healthy and symptom-free. Here are a few ways you can help minimize the severity of spring allergies. 

4 Senior Care Tips to Reduce Spring Allergy Symptoms

1. Identify Triggers

Spring allergies are different for every individual, regardless of age. Talk to your senior loved one and observe their symptoms to better understand their exact triggers. Does pollen, exposure to particular flowers, grass, or other spring plantlife trigger a negative reaction? If you’re unsure, schedule a checkup with a family doctor for guidance and allergy testing. 

2. Avoid Extended Outdoor Activities

Senior CareOnce you’ve identified allergy triggers, you can help your elderly loved one avoid on-going exposure. This could mean focusing on indoor activities as opposed to picnics in the park or walks along hiking trails. Perhaps this time of year is an opportunity to help your senior loved one explore indoor swimming pools or group exercise classes like yoga that can keep them active but protected from spring blooms. 

3. Clean Frequently

To further reduce exposure to pollen and other allergens, help your senior loved one maintain a clean and tidy home. Assistance from an in-home senior care company can help with tasks like laundry, dusting, and sweeping. 

4. Refrain From Wearing Shoes Indoors

The soles of your shoes can track plenty of pollen, dust, and plant residue into living spaces, so don’t wear them when walking around your senior loved one’s home. If they’re planning a visit to your home, clean in advance and set up a shoe rack in the entryway. 


If you or a senior loved one in New York City needs home health care or a dedicated family doctor, HDR Healthcare Network has the resources to provide lifelong wellness. As a network of health care facilities in Manhattan and the Bronx, this organization specializes in comprehensive service whether your child needs a physical or a parent needs senior care. Call (929) 256-5005 to schedule an appointment at one of their practices and visit their website for further insight into their commitment to providing friendly, quality care that reduces costs by eliminating unnecessary hospital visits.  

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