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How Mitsubishi Electric® Ductless Systems Eliminate Cold & Hot Spots May 14, 2019

Dyker Heights, Brooklyn
How Mitsubishi Electric® Ductless Systems Eliminate Cold & Hot Spots, Brooklyn, New York

Many homes struggle with cold and hot spots due to heating and cooling systems that are inadequately sized or ductwork that leaks air. Mitsubishi Electric® ductless systems are different. They feature wall-mounted units in each room that connect to an outdoor compressor. No ductwork is needed, and each unit can be set to a specific temperature, eliminating hot and cold spots in your home. Here’s what you need to know.

Why It’s Smart to Invest in a Ductless System

Why Temperatures Are Hard to Maintain

Older houses don’t always have the crawlspace or attic room to accommodate the necessary ductwork for a central heating and air system. Additionally, some rooms are just naturally harder to keep comfortable. Upstairs bedrooms, for example, are often uncomfortably warm due to rising heat. Sunrooms can also be problematic thanks to the warm sunlight filtering in through large windows. Basements, meanwhile, are often too cold because they’re located underground.

How Ductless Systems Help

ductless systemDuctless systems require only a small hole drilled into the wall or ceiling to mount the unit, eliminating the need for cumbersome ductwork. And because they direct airflow only to the rooms where it is needed in a house, ductless systems save energy. This way, you can selectively heat or cool problematic spaces without affecting the rest of your home. Equipment is also smaller than traditional forced-air systems, saving on space and energy. 

How You Can Save

Select Mitsubishi Electric ductless systems installed by an approved Diamond Contractor™ from April 22 to June 7, 2019, come with up to a $500 instant rebate. A technician can inspect your home, recommend the best system for your needs, and make sure it is properly installed. Customers may be eligible for rebates on multiple units.


New York homeowners will find expert help from Ice Age Mechanical of Brooklyn, NY. As an approved Diamond Contractor™, they are qualified to recommend the best system for your property. Their customers will also benefit from having Mitsubishi Electric ductless systems installed by June 7, 2019. Their technicians specialize in servicing, installing, and selling the latest energy-efficient heating and cooling technology. Call (718) 509-9594 or visit them online to schedule your consultation today.

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