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4 Ways to Effectively Promote Your Business at a Career Fair May 15, 2019

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4 Ways to Effectively Promote Your Business at a Career Fair, Anchorage, Alaska

Career fairs are a good way to get exposure for your company. Potential employees will be gathering information, and valuable connections could be made with the other participating businesses. However, preparing for such an event can be a challenge without business cards and other necessities. Here are a few steps you can take to ensure success at the next event.

4 Steps to Help You Prepare for a Career Fair

1. Design Merchandise

Giving out business cards and merchandise is a perfect way to promote your business at a career fair. It’s hard to turn down free items, and having your information clearly displayed will provide instant recollection. Whether they’re looking for employment or need your services, all they’ll have to do is refer to the merchandise to get in touch.  

2. Bring a Laptop

Convenience is key when hiring new employees at a job fair. Some applicants may not want to go out of their way to complete paperwork at your place of business in addition to attending the event. Simplify the process by having a laptop all set up with an online application. This will allow them to fill it out on-site and could increase your number of hires.

3. Organize a Team

business cardsThe people you have representing the company at career fairs could make or break its reputation. Bring people who are more outgoing and friendly. They’ll have a better chance at establishing a connection and could make participants feel comfortable about the decision to apply. Be sure to give each team member plenty of business cards to hand out during the event.

4. Post on Social Media

It’s common for businesses to accrue a large following on social media, especially when they’re active within the community. Use that platform to spread the word about the upcoming job fair. Encourage people to come out, and you may end up acquiring several names for potential hires.


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