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3 Tips for Preparing Your Office for a Cleaning Service May 14, 2019

Downtown New Haven, New Haven
3 Tips for Preparing Your Office for a Cleaning Service, New Haven, Connecticut

A clean, organized office is ideal for boosting productivity and creating a healthy work environment. To get the most from a new cleaning service, it’s important to prepare. Letting them know what you want and creating a space that’s easy to work in will make their job easier and, in turn, give you superior results. Here’s how you can get started. 

How to Get the Most From a Cleaning Service

1. Share Your Goals & Expectations

Before the first cleaning session, speak with the company about what you expect. Lay out primary areas that need to be cleaned, such as entryways, common areas, and bathrooms, as well as those that aren’t necessary, such as individual offices or secure areas with sensitive documents. Speak clearly and explain your goals, such as impressing new clients. This will help the cleaning service create a focused plan that meets all your expectations.

2. Declutter

cleaning serviceCleaning services take a respectful approach to their work. If papers and files are cluttered, they won’t touch them to ensure nothing is lost or damaged. To ensure all the spaces you want cleaned are addressed, declutter before the appointment. Move sensitive materials to a designated area and organize items, so the office cleaning team can work without roadblocks. If some clutter, such as supplies for a collaborative project, needs to stay, make sure to tell the corporate cleaning team to leave it alone.

3. Provide Feedback

After the cleaning service has completed a few jobs, provide feedback. Explain what you’ve liked about their work, such as improved flooring or a spotless kitchen, as well as areas that need improvement. Be constructive, clear, and detailed. Do a walk-through, and point out places where you’d like them to clean more thoroughly or spots that have been missed.


When you need a qualified cleaning company in Fairfield County, CT, contact Maintenance One. This commercial cleaning company understands the importance of a clean workplace and provides comprehensive janitorial services. They make customer service a priority and offer 24/7 assistance and emergency cleaning. Learn more about this cleaning service online, and call (203) 348-1700 to speak with a member of their team. 

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