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5 Tips for Driving in Heavy Rain & Wind May 15, 2019

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5 Tips for Driving in Heavy Rain & Wind, Anchorage, Alaska

Drivers in Alaska know the weather can be unpredictable on any given day. While snow in winter is frequent, heavy rain and wind can make driving conditions difficult in the spring and summer. Before you end up with an unnecessary auto repair, consider these tips for staying safe on the road in summer storms.

Best Tips for Driving in Bad Weather This Summer

1. Avoid Cruise Control

auto repairWhen you’re driving in wet conditions, disable your cruise control to avoid losing control of your vehicle if it hydroplanes. Cars hydroplane when rainwater causes oil, grease, and other liquids to create a slippery surface that most tires cannot maneuver.

2. Drive Slowly

Hydroplaning typically occurs when drivers surpass 35 miles per hour in wet conditions. Drive slowly to retain control of your tires and avoid an accident that could result in injuries or significant auto repairs.

3. Turn Your Lights On

Rain lessens visibility, especially when driving. Splatter from roadside puddles and debris from heavy winds can complicate the situation. Turning your headlights on not only increases your visibility, but it also helps other drivers identify you to avoid collisions.

4.  Keep Distance Between Other Vehicles

A safe distance between cars on the road is at least one car length at all times, but rain and wind increase that distance to at least two car lengths or two seconds. This allows you to react quickly if another car hydroplanes or loses control.

5. Have Your Brakes Serviced Regularly

Routine auto maintenance should include having your brakes checked and serviced at least every six months or 15,000 miles. An auto repair technician can check the thickness of your brake pads, wear on the drums, and condition of the calipers.


Drivers in Anchorage, Alaska, will find help with vehicle maintenance and auto repairs at Alaskan Auto Center. For almost 20 years, their certified technicians have helped with oil changes, brake service, tire rotation, and vehicle suspension. To schedule a service, call (907) 522-7035 or visit them online today.

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