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5 Steps to Safely Jump-Start a Vehicle May 15, 2019

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5 Steps to Safely Jump-Start a Vehicle, Thomasville, North Carolina

It’s every motorist’s worst nightmare. You hop in your vehicle, turn the key, and find that your battery has gone dead. This scenario illustrates why it’s crucial that all drivers know how to safely jump-start their vehicles. While the process seems intimidating, it’s not as difficult as you think.

How to Safely Jump-Start a Vehicle in 5 Steps

1. Locate Another Vehicle

Along with jumper cables, you’ll also need another vehicle to access the battery. If your vehicle battery dies at home, ask your neighbors to see if anyone can lend a hand. If you’re away from home, try speaking with passersby for assistance.

2. Position Vehicle Correctly

Depending on the make and model of the car, batteries will be located in different areas. Locate the battery in each vehicle, and then position vehicles accordingly so the jumper cables can easily access both. Once the vehicles are in the proper position, secure the hoods in the upright position and make sure both cars are turned off.

3. Connect Cables to the Other Vehicle First

Jump StartCar batteries have red and black posts, which correspond to the red and black ends of the jumper cables. Attach the red clamp to the red post first, then attack the black clamp to the black post on the other person’s vehicle. Do not touch clamps together, or you may be shocked.

4. Connect Cables to Your Vehicle

Next, attach the red and black clamps to the same colored posts on your battery in the same order. Once attached, the other driver should start their vehicle and let it run for at least five minutes before shutting it off. At this point, try to start your vehicle again.

5. Remove Clamps From Both Vehicles

If your vehicle starts, remove the clamps from the other vehicle, ensuring that you remove the black one first. Finally, remove the clamps from your car in the same order.


When your battery dies, you can also reach out for professional assistance. In Thomasville, NC, Garrett's Towing & Recovery Service has what it takes to get you up and running again. They offer 24-hour roadside assistance and are equipped to address a wide range of issues. Along with providing jump-starts, they can also help with flat tires and even bring fuel to you in case you’re low on gas. They can also tow your vehicle to a garage if you have a more serious issue. For immediate help, call (336) 476-3153 today. You can also visit them online for a full listing of services.

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