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How Wall-Mounted Heating & Cooling Systems Benefit Your Home May 14, 2019

East Moriches, Brookhaven
How Wall-Mounted Heating & Cooling Systems Benefit Your Home, Brookhaven, New York

Summer is on the way, which means you’ll probably be turning on your air conditioning units soon. If you have a central HVAC system, you may have noticed that not all rooms always stay at a comfortable temperature. If some spaces remain too cold and others too hot, you may benefit from wall-mounted heating and cooling units. To help you understand how this can be a solution, here’s more information on climate irregularities and how to address them.

Rooms With Irregular Temperatures

Every home is different, which means property owners all face unique challenges when it comes to regulating temperatures. However, there are specific rooms that tend to stay warmer or colder than the rest of the house.

wall-mounted heating and coolingSince hot air travels upward, bedrooms in the upper floors of a home tend to be a few degrees warmer. Attic insulation can also trap in heat, warming superior levels further. Sunrooms, which have many windows, can also create a greenhouse effect, remaining hot even when the air conditioner is on.

On the other hand, garages tend to be colder. They usually aren’t insulated, making it difficult to keep cool air from escaping through the crevices around the garage door or walls.

How Wall-Mounted Heating & Cooling Systems Solve These Issues

Pumping the same temperature throughout the your home with a central HVAC doesn’t take into account the increased heat or cold levels of some rooms. This may leave some spaces too cold and fail to cool others in the summer.

With a wall-mounted heating and cooling unit, you can regulate each room to a different temperature, letting you make up for that variation. This also gives you complete control over how much energy your system exerts, allowing you to better cool high-use spaces and minimize regulation over unoccupied rooms.


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