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4 FAQ About Infantile Colic June 27, 2019

Manhattan, New York City, NY
4 FAQ About Infantile Colic, Manhattan, New York

It’s common for babies to cry as a way to express themselves. Excessive crying and irritation, however, could be a sign of colic, which is just as upsetting for parents as it is for the baby. Finding the right treatment is key, such as visiting a pediatric chiropractor for greater insight. Below are a few commonly asked questions about infantile colic.

Questions About Colic, Answered

What is colic?

More than 40% of infants experience colic, which is categorized by prolonged crying, excessive irritation, and fussiness in healthy babies. Additional symptoms include fussiness after the crying has stopped, body tension such as stiff legs and arms and clenched fists, and red pigmentation in the face. Doctors aren’t exactly sure what causes colic. Some theories suggest it could be a digestive issue, while others believe that colicky babies are simply taking longer to adjust to life outside the womb. These episodes can occur whether a baby is breastfed or on formula. 

Are there home remedies I can use?

Many parents find that soothing their baby is effective in reducing symptoms. This can entail burping them more during feedings, walking with them, rubbing their back, playing comforting music, or rocking them. You may need to try a few different home remedies before finding an effective one.

When should I visit a pediatrician?

pediatric chiropractorIf your baby is forcefully vomiting, having issues with bowel movements, or is losing weight, schedule a visit with your pediatrician right away. This could indicate a more serious condition. Also, keep in mind that colic usually resolves after three or four months, so if symptoms continue, be sure to schedule an exam. Your baby’s doctor could refer you to a pediatric chiropractor. 

How can a pediatric chiropractor help?

Some parents swear by treatment from a pediatric chiropractor to relieve colic symptoms. Many chiropractors believe that subluxations, or a spinal misalignment, cause problems with the nerves governing bowel movements. This results in gastrointestinal issues, which causes discomfort and fussiness. By correcting subluxations, infant digestive issues should resolve. 



If you need a pediatric chiropractor in Midtown Manhattan, Pure Balance can help. With a certification from the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association, lead chiropractor Dr. Michael Magwood is equipped to treat numerous conditions affecting babies, including colic, and pregnant mothers. Visit the website for more information about their pediatric chiropractic care. You can also call (212) 661-5656 to schedule an appointment today. 

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