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Kitchen Safety Do's & Don’ts to Avoid Electrocution May 15, 2019

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Kitchen Safety Do's & Don’ts to Avoid Electrocution, Honolulu, Hawaii

You likely rely on countless gadgets and tools in the kitchen to make meal preparation easier; however, they could put your safety at risk if handled incorrectly. Electrical appliances, such as microwaves and toasters, are associated with dangers such as electrocution and household fires. Below are a few do’s and don’ts that every electrician recommends following when you work with these appliances.


Inspect your appliances.

Every few months, conduct a visual inspection of the electrical appliances in your kitchen. If you identify any damage, such as frayed electrical cords, don’t attempt to plug in the device—the exposed wire could shock you.

Keep electrical appliances away from the sink.

electricianAvoid using or storing appliances anywhere near the sink since the combination of water and electricity can result in electrocution. If an appliance does get wet, make sure your hands are dry before unplugging it. Don’t attempt to use the appliance until it’s fully dry. 


Overload an outlet. 

Circuits can only handle a certain amount of electricity. If you overload them, the circuit breaker should trip, but if it doesn’t, you may experience an electrical shock. Signs of an overloaded circuit include a burning odor and buzzing sounds from the outlet.

Use power strips. 

Using power strips as a solution to plug in multiple kitchen appliances can overload the circuit. Hire an electrician to install additional outlets in your kitchen if you need to use multiple appliances at once. 


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