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How to Get Your Motorcycle Ready for the Summer June 3, 2019

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How to Get Your Motorcycle Ready for the Summer, Earl, Pennsylvania

Summer is the most anticipated season for riding motorcycles. Before you set off on a trip along winding streets to soak up some sun, make sure your bike is ready for the road. By inspecting its components before it starts seeing heavy use, you prevent malfunctions and ensure your safety and that of other riders. To help you care for your bike, here are a few components to inspect at the beginning of the season.

5 Motorcycle Parts to Check During a Pre-Summer Inspection

1. Tires

Rubber tires oxidize and become brittle over time, affecting your steering. Take a closer look at them to check for signs of damage like cracks, dry rot, and punctures. Check their pressure using a tire gauge to ensure they’re inflated properly. Treads also wear with use, so replace them every five years to ensure a smooth ride.

2. Brake 

Brakes are another fast-wearing component of motorcycles. Check that the pads are still thick, since the brake could damage the discs or drums if they become thin. Examine the brake lines for signs of damage, which may affect your bike’s stopping capability. When engaging the brakes, pay attention to odd sounds, smells, or feelings, since these could be red flags that the pads need replacement.

3. Battery

motorcycleIf your bike doesn’t start, it could have a dead battery, so charge it. Batteries older than four years could fail and suddenly die on you, so replace them. Don’t forget to remove any dirt or corrosion you spot on the terminals to prevent rust.    

4. Fluids

Like any vehicle, motorcycles need fluids to run well. Open the reservoirs and check the fluid level in each tank. If you skipped on replacing the fluids last time you had them checked, flush them out to remove contaminants. Examine the fluid lines as well for cracks or leaks.   

5. Lights

The lights on your motorcycle are there to keep you and other motorists safe, so have them checked thoroughly before taking a trip. Be sure that your headlights, brake and tail lights, flashers, and turn signals are all operational. Replace dim bulbs and clean the lenses for better visibility on the road.


If you discover an issue during your inspection or need to top off your fluids, visit M & S Sales & Service Inc. Serving motorcycle riders and enthusiasts throughout New Holland, PA for over 45 years, they carry Suzuki® motorcycles, Arctic Cat® snowmobiles, and Textron® off-roaders. They also perform repairs and maintenance to ensure your vehicles are always running smoothly and safely. Browse their inventory online, or call (717) 354-4726 to schedule service.

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