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Lease Anywhere's Top 3 Landlord Approved Rules for Grilling In A Rental Home August 3, 2015

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Lease Anywhere's Top 3 Landlord Approved Rules for Grilling In A Rental Home, Houston, Texas

When you are in a rental home, there are a few points of decorum and caution that you should follow if you want to keep both your landlord and your neighbors happy without sacrificing your prize-winning porterhouse steaks.

Below, Lease Anywhere, Houston's leading rental property agency, shares their top tips for grilling when you rent.

1. Station The Grill Away From The Property When Lit.

When you have a small terrace or deck space, it is tempting to keep your grill tucked close to the wall, but if it is too close, you risk damage to the rental home and increase your chances of a fire. Even though brick or stone may be impervious to a hot grill, siding will actually warp or bubble. If you don't have a lot of space, make sure you are able to pull the grill away at least 18 inches while it is in use.

2. Buy a Rubber Grill Mat.

Available in various sizes and prices, these handy grill mats go underneath the grill to catch grease spills. This is especially important if you are in a rental apartment situation with a wood slat balcony and downstairs neighbors that won't be happy to have hot, black grease dripping down on them from above. Can you imagine?! While most grills come with a grease trap, it can inadvertently overflow and stain the wood or concrete below or even worse, physically injure someone.

3. Keep Your Grill Outdoors At All Times. 

Your rental agreement may or may not specify what is allowed in terms of outdoor cooking, but be safe about it either way. Do not bring the grill, even tabletop ones, into the house or even an open garage. Deadly carbon monoxide fumes will build up and potentially kill anyone close enough to breathe them for an extended length of time. It’s better to stand out in the rain or the hot sun to flip those burgers if your barbeque can't wait.

Acting in a responsible manner with your grill at your rental property means no frustrating notices from the landlord, no complaints from neighbors, or money out of your pocket for damages. When you use proper grilling etiquette, not only will your landlord and your neighbors be happy, but you will be as well.

Lease Anywhere real estate agents are experts at helping you identify the best apartments and homes for rent in Houston. They know what is available in the Houston real estate market and also work with you to make your listing attract the best possible apartment finders and rental home seekers.

To find out more about listing your property or finding your next rental home, visit Lease Anywhere online or call 713-224-6604

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