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How to Choose Between Metal & Fabric Awnings? May 15, 2019

Lexington-Fayette, Fayette
How to Choose Between Metal & Fabric Awnings?, Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky

Incorporating an awning into your outdoor space is a practical way to provide shade and keep your patio, deck, or commercial property protected. Two of the most popular styles are metal and fabric awnings, each of which has unique benefits. As you explore awning options for your property, consider the differences between these two materials below.

A Guide to Selecting Metal or Fabric Awnings

Metal Awnings

Metal awnings feature an aluminum body which has rust-proof and weather-resistant features. Because it can endure heavy rains, high winds, and other inclement weather for many years, metal is an attractive option for homes and businesses that see a broad range of weather patterns. Metal also serves as protection for your windows, patios, and doors against UV rays and precipitation. They are long-lasting and can even help you minimize your heating and cooling bills.

Fabric Awnings

fabric awningsThese awnings are primarily available in three main fabric types: woven waterproof, coated cotton, or vinyl laminate. The fabric is attached to frames made from aluminum or steel, which are affixed to the building using sturdy bolts. While fabric may not endure heavy snowfall or other severe weather to the extent metal can, some styles can be removed in the winter. Fabric awnings must be well-maintained to avoid mildew or mold development, but many home and business owners enjoy their visual appeal and charm. Additionally, this type of awning can be retractable, unlike metal awnings which are static. 

Which Is Right for You?

If you’re seeking the greatest life span, metal awnings are likely your best choice. They also require less maintenance than fabric awnings, but many individuals gravitate to fabric because of its lower price point and broad range of options. Home or business owners who do not wish to have their awnings regularly cleaned or removed for the winter season may find metal most appealing, but those who prefer versatility may be most drawn towards fabric.


No matter which material you’re considering, B & W Awning Company is Fayette County, KY’s most trusted source for quality awnings. This company has served Kentucky, Tennessee, Southern Ohio, and Southern Indiana for more than 130 years and oversees the entire awning process, from design to installation. Browse through their options for fabric awnings online along with other high-quality materials or call (859) 254-0973 to discuss your goals with one of their team members.   

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