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The Basics of Land Clearing May 15, 2019

Kalispell, Flathead
The Basics of Land Clearing, Kalispell, Montana

Land clearing is a necessary step to prepare an area for construction and building. Trees, shrubs, stones, and other features are removed, and the land is leveled for optimal usage. To learn more about the process before embarking on land clearing, here are a few basic facts to know.

FAQ About Land Clearing

How much acreage can be cleared in a day? 

Most land clearing companies can clear two to three acres per day depending on the machinery they use for the site. This includes removing vegetation and trees as well as stones and other elements that must be cleared before any building can begin. 

Can certain trees be left? 

land clearingYou can choose to keep certain trees on your property. Speak with excavating contractors before beginning work so the area can be mapped properly. They will ensure the trees are marked so that they’re left untouched during the process.

What happens to mulched material afterward?

The trees and other cleared vegetation are mulched and often used as a natural erosion barrier. Stumps are also cut to ground level, so that movement over them is easy. This mulch also protects the soil underneath and enriches it, making your land usable immediately after land clearing. Grass will also grow in the mulch and can be maintained with mowing.

Why is mulching better than bulldozing? 

Where bulldozing disrupts the ground underneath, land clearing that uses mulching does not harm the property or surrounding areas. Bulldozing also leaves behind a bigger mess that must be raked and sorted, and in many cases burning is necessary. Mulching is far more environmentally friendly and much safer to perform.


When you need land clearing in the Flathead Valley, Kalispell, Whitefish, Columbia Falls, Bigfork, and Lakeside areas of Montana, contact Valley Excavating. Since 1995, this locally owned and operated excavation company has offered a full suite of services ranging from land preparation to road construction and maintenance. Owner Larry Anderson has worked as an excavating contractor since age 15 in his father’s business, and his extensive experience ensures every job is completed efficiently and with top-notch results. Call (406) 857-2086 for a free estimate. Visit their website for their full list of services.

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