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5 Tips to Increase Efficient Usage of Portable Toilets at Your Event May 15, 2019

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5 Tips to Increase Efficient Usage of Portable Toilets at Your Event, Bruce, Wisconsin

Large outdoor events, especially those that are more than one day, need sufficient portable toilets to accommodate everyone in attendance. You want to ensure the lines for the units are moving efficiently so guests are not spending their whole time waiting to use the lavatory. Below are a few tips to keep your portable toilet rental running well.

How to Ensure Porta Potty Usage Is Efficient

1. Have Enough Toilets

The first step in reducing long lines for portable toilets is to calculate the right amount needed. There should be at least eight units for every thousand people, but don’t forget to increase it by 20% if your event has alcohol. Also, consider adding additional porta potties if the food you are serving may lead to extra usage or if your event is more than two days.

2. Arrange Them Properly

Avoid a straight-line setup and opt for U-shaped instead. This makes it easier for guests to form a waiting area and notice which porta potty is empty. The shape also makes it easier to get to the open units more quickly than heading to either end of the line.

3. Place Them in Different Areas

portable toiletOne reason for a portable toilet slowdown is that all of them are clustered in one corner of the event. To reduce congestion and make lines move more efficiently, divide your portable toilet rentals into at least two areas. This also helps traffic around the area move better and reduces confusion about who is waiting and who is not.

4. Mark Paths Clearly

Place large signs around your event to direct attendees to the restroom area. The easier it is to find the portable toilets, the less frantic guests will be when they get there. People will feel less frustrated when their path is clearly marked and are less likely to become aggressive and impatient when they finally reach the lavatory.

5. Rent Hand Washing Stations

Make sure hand washing stations are included in your portable toilet rental. Guests can head to these areas to wash their hands, which frees up the toilet more quickly for the next person. Lines in both areas move more efficiently when your rest area is organized.


For portable toilet rentals in Chetek and Bruce, trust Jiffy Biffy. As Northwestern Wisconsin’s top choice for porta potty services, their offerings include portable toilets and handwashing stations for outdoor festivals, concerts, construction sites, and more. Their professional team also services each unit to ensure cleanliness so your guests have sanitary facilities. To book your portable lavatories or to ask about specialized and handicap units, call (715) 925-6600. Visit their website for a few of their FAQ.

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