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3 Key Benefits of Ceramic Tile May 15, 2019

East Hamilton, Hamilton
3 Key Benefits of Ceramic Tile, Hamilton, Ohio

When remodeling your home, it can be tricky to choose the perfect flooring for each room. While hardwood and carpet are popular options, tile is a stylish and functional floor for any family. The following are just some of the reasons why ceramic tile is an excellent option for any space. 

What Are the Benefits of Ceramic Tile?

1. Low Maintenance 

Unlike other types of flooring, ceramic tile is relatively low maintenance. You can simply sweep and mop to keep the tiles clean, and this material can stand up to most cleaning agents. Tiles also don’t stain easily and are resistant to scratches. Since this flooring is installed in individual pieces, you can easily replace a tile if one breaks. Some homeowners opt to update and clean the grout regularly to refresh their floors. 

2. Environmentally Friendly

ceramic tileCeramic tiles are made from natural materials like clay and sand, so you don’t need to worry about introducing chemicals into your home. Some manufacturers make tiles from recycled materials, lowering your carbon footprint even more. And considering your home’s efficiency as a whole, tiles keep each room cooler. This means that you can raise the thermostat and use less energy during warmer seasons. 

3. Versatile 

If carpet isn’t to your taste, you might opt for hardwood. However, this material doesn’t offer many options when it comes to color and texture. Ceramic tiles are available in a variety of shades, sizes, and styles, so you can incorporate this material into nearly any room. For example, you might use a lighter color to brighten a kitchen and a darker tone to create contrast in a bathroom. 


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