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How Can a Wall-Mounted Heating and Cooling Unit Reduce Eliminate Hot & Cold Spaces? May 14, 2019

Rego Park, Queens
How Can a Wall-Mounted Heating and Cooling Unit Reduce Eliminate Hot & Cold Spaces?, Queens, New York

Many homeowners struggle to maintain consistent temperatures throughout their homes all year long. Inefficient HVAC systems are often responsible for this issue, as they can lead to uncomfortable hot or cold spots. Below is an explanation of the temperature fluctuations that typically appear throughout homes, as well as several tips on how a wall-mounted heating and cooling system can eliminate this issue and give you more control over the temperatures in every room in your house. 

Which Areas of the Home Typically Have Temperature Fluctuations?

Many houses that use traditional central HVAC systems for heat and air conditioning may experience a temperature imbalance in some regions of the building. This usually happens when there is inefficient airflow from the HVAC system to specific rooms, which may be the result of air ducts that are improperly sized, designed, or installed. Areas that are prone to hot or cold spots include garages, upstairs bedrooms, basements, and sunrooms. 

How Can Wall-Mounted Units Alleviate This Problem?

wall-mounted-heating-and-coolingWall-mounted heating and cooling units are ductless HVAC systems. Since no ductwork is necessary for the system to function, there’s no need to worry about inefficient air flow. A wall-mounted heating and cooling unit can be installed in any room in your house. It is especially beneficial in spaces that struggle to maintain adequate temperatures or areas that aren’t always in use, such as spare bedrooms. These unique ductless systems are a cost-effective way to personalize temperatures in individual rooms because they won't waste energy heating and cooling uninhabited areas of the house.



The team of licensed Mitsubishi Diamond Contractors™ at Ductless Central in Rego Park, NY, are here to help you stay cool this summer. This air conditioning service specializes in ductless HVAC systems, including installations for wall-mounted heating and cooling units. Take advantage of their ongoing deal and save up to $500 on the installation of a new Mitsubishi Electric® system. Call (718) 997-6922 to request a free estimate or consultation or visit them online for more details today.

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