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Why You Should Insure Your Engagement & Wedding Rings May 14, 2019

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Why You Should Insure Your Engagement & Wedding Rings, Watertown, Connecticut

Engagement and wedding rings are prized possessions. Not only do they signify your love, but they also serve as outward displays of your commitment. As a result, it's only natural that you want to keep them protected. Here's a closer look at the value personal insurance provides for jewelry owners.

A Guide to Insuring Engagement & Wedding Rings

Why It's Important

Jewelry given by a loved one holds immense sentimental value, but the pieces are also an investment. Even if you take the utmost care to keep them safe, there's always a risk of damage or losing them with everyday wear. Additionally, theft is a concern. Such scenarios are unpredictable and impossible to prevent, but a personal insurance policy will help you avoid the out of pocket replacement costs if they do occur.

How to Insure Your Jewelry 

personal insuranceThe first step is getting a jewelry appraisal to determine the monetary value of each piece. Most experienced jewelers provide this service, so you simply need to make an appointment. However, ask for an insurance replacement appraisal to ensure you end up with the correct paperwork.

After you know the value, review your current coverage, if applicable. Many homeowners insurance policies provide property coverage on jewelry. However, it's typically limited to around $5,000. When the worth of a collection is higher than the limit, companies often allow clients to increase their coverage by adding a rider to the existing plan. If that's not an option for you or you don't currently have coverage in place, purchase a separate personal insurance policy that covers the full cost of replacement.


Keep your valuable jewelry protected with the help of Kalita Agency in Watertown, CT. From home and auto to jewelry and collector's items, this locally owned, independent insurance agency helps build policies that cater to the unique needs of their Litchfield County clients. Browse their selection of personal insurance options online, or request an insurance quote today by calling (860) 274-8882.

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