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3 Reasons to Consider Funeral Photography May 15, 2019

East Haven, New Haven County
3 Reasons to Consider Funeral Photography, East Haven, Connecticut

Although the concept of funeral photography may seem strange to some, the fact is that these moments are valuable memories. Capturing them helps you, friends, and family members remember and honor your loved one’s legacy. Here are a few reasons to consider professional funeral photography. 

Benefits of Funeral Photography

1. Capture the Memorial Service

During funerals, family members and friends have the privilege of listening to moving talks, tributes, and songs dedicated to the deceased. Also, many families choose to have special visual presentations, such as art displays, photo collages, and floral arrangements. Because funerals are emotional for attendees, it can be difficult to appreciate the beauty of the service at the time. By videotaping or photographing the funeral, you can look back on the memorial service later to reflect on the event. 

2. Record Who Attendedfuneral

Guest books are common ways for families to document those who join in mourning at a memorial service. When friends and family members travel from far away, however, it helps to have a visual record of who attended and what they contributed. In addition to creating an opportunity for updated family photos, funeral photography makes it easier to send thank-you and condolence notes. 

3. Preserve Family History

Keeping documents of family history help you and your children honor the memory of loved ones and friends. Photographs and videos of a memorial service are precious additions to biographies and family scrapbooks, and they help track dates and timelines for the family tree.


If you’re planning a funeral for a loved one, work with the friendly staff at Porto Funeral Homes. Since 1931, these specialists have been helping families with everything from preplanning to understanding benefits, making final preparations easier. With two locations in New Haven County — one in West Haven and another East Haven — you’ll find the help you need when planning a touching memorial service. To learn more, visit their website. Call (203) 467-3000 for their East Haven location or 203-934-5000 for their West Haven office.

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