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3 Reasons One Room in Your House Is Uncomfortably Hot May 14, 2019

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3 Reasons One Room in Your House Is Uncomfortably Hot, West Haven, Connecticut

When rooms are hot and humid, it can cut down on the usable space inside your house. Dropping the temperature to cancel out hot air will cause family members to shiver in other rooms. Also, the added strain placed on air conditioning components could lead to inconvenient breakdowns only an HVAC contractor can remedy. If one room is stifling, below are a few potential causes.     

Possible Reasons One Room Is Hotter Than Others

1. Blocked Air Ducts

Pet dander, dust, tobacco residue, and additional grime gets sucked into the ductwork. The particles can accumulate inside the channels and restrict air flow to certain areas. Pests can also make homes inside ducts, causing major blockages. When the fixtures are clogged, the cold air won’t make it to some areas of the house. To improve indoor air quality and maintain steady airflow, have the ducts routinely cleaned and sanitized. 

2. Inadequate Air Vents

hvac contractorThe air conditioning system uses return vents to extract warm air from interiors. Equipment can’t suck heat from rooms without enough air vents. Count the number of return vents in particularly hot rooms. To balance temperatures throughout the house, update the number of vents in those areas.  

3. Oversized or Undersized AC Unit

If your AC unit is too small for the house, it won’t be able to circulate cold air efficiently. This means rooms farther away from cooling equipment will be warmer. If the system is too large, it will cool interiors fast, not leaving enough time to extract moisture from the air. This can leave some rooms feeling hot and damp. An HVAC contractor will install the right size system for your space. 


If temperatures in your home are uneven, the HVAC contractors at Apple Oil will identify the reason why and take steps to correct the problem. For over 50 years, their West Haven, CT-based technicians have been providing maintenance advice and servicing oil furnaces and AC units to help homeowners maintain comfortable interior temperatures. They also offer same-day heating oil delivery if you call before noon. To learn about oil delivery discounts for new customers or schedule a service appointment in Fairfield or New Haven counties, call (203) 934-3835. Visit the HVAC contractors online to see what products they install. 

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