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3 Qualities Your Roof Needs to Accommodate a Skylight May 15, 2019

Pine Lake, Oneida
3 Qualities Your Roof Needs to Accommodate a Skylight, Pine Lake, Wisconsin

Whether you want to let in more natural light or add some visual interest to your roofing, a skylight will elevate your home’s style. However, it’s an intensive addition, and not all roofs can accommodate it. Below are a few essential qualities your roofing will need if you want to install a window in it.

3 Roofing Requirements for a Skylight

1. The Right Pitch

If your roof’s pitch is too shallow, water won’t properly drain, which leads to leaks around the window. You need to have a moderate pitch around the area where you want to install the skylight. A roofing contractor will need to check that ample flashing can be installed to divert water to the gutter system. If not, your home may not qualify for an installation

2. Clear Attic Space

roofing-lar-son-and-sons-incYou need to have a clear space where you want the skylight to be installed. If there’s any attic piping, electrical wiring, or HVAC ductwork, you’ll have to clear them or choose a new location, so nothing interferes with the skylight. Check the intended area. If there are obstructions, a roofing contractor can help you determine other effective areas that won’t require as many renovations.

3. Truss Spacing

The wood truss system below your roofing is the primary support barrier. A skylight will need to be placed between these, so it doesn’t interfere with the structural integrity. The average truss spacing can accommodate a 2-foot wide window. Check truss spacing from your attic, and consider thinner skylights if the spacing is narrower than the standard.


Nothing can replace the knowledge and experience of roofing professionals, so contact Lar-Son and Sons Inc. for your next job. Based in Rhinelander, WI, this family-owned and -operated company has served clients since 1940. Their fully insured staff handles roof repairs and installations in addition to siding repairs and window installations. Call (715) 362-2769 to schedule a consultation, and follow them on Facebook for more roofing tips.

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