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Everything You Need to Know About Lawn Fertilizer May 15, 2019

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Everything You Need to Know About Lawn Fertilizer, Ewa, Hawaii

Your lawn is a large factor in the first impression of your home, which is why making sure the lawn presentable is a priority for many homeowners. Fertilizer is an essential yard maintenance tool to grow lush green grass. If you’re unsure about how to utilize it, learn everything you need to know in the guide below.

Why Is Fertilizer Important for Yard Maintenance?

Lawn fertilizer helps to replace essential nutrients that diminish from the soil over time. The three key elements that keep soil healthy are phosphorous, nitrate, and potassium. Without these ingredients, your lawn will look shriveled and brown. Plus, the nutrients support the health of surrounding plants as well. 

When Is the Best Time to Fertilize?

Yard MaintenanceThe instructions on your fertilizer will recommend a proper schedule. Follow the label to determine how to apply the product and the appropriate amount to use. Don’t fertilize during the hottest times of day to avoid burning your lawn. 

What Are the Best Methods & Practices?

There are several ways to apply lawn fertilizer. Using a spreader will ensure more even distribution than applying it manually. Fertilizing by hand can sometimes result in an uneven lawn with green patches among paler areas. For best yard maintenance results, keep children and pets off of the grass for at least 48 hours after applying fertilizer.

Follow the watering instructions for your specific fertilizer. Some will require you to water the grass before application since the moisture will help break down the granules. Others recommend watering after. Keep in mind that if you have an automatic sprinkler, you should fertilize about every six weeks. The more water your grass gets, the faster it will grow and the more fertilizer you will need to nourish it. 


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