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How a Mitsubishi Electric® Unit Tackles Cold or Hot Rooms in Your Home May 14, 2019

Forest Hills, Queens
How a Mitsubishi Electric® Unit Tackles Cold or Hot Rooms in Your Home, Queens, New York

HVAC systems play an important role in cooling and heating your home. However, there are certain rooms or areas that require different temperatures—something a ducted HVAC can’t accommodate. This is where a Mitsubishi Electric® wall-mounted unit comes in handy with its Zoned Comfort Solution™. Here’s how it can cool or heat your home the right way.  

What Are the Usual Problem Rooms?

Most homeowners run into a couple of temperature-related issues in their houses—some areas are too cold while others tend to be warmer than usual. Sunrooms, basements, garages, and even the bedrooms upstairs often fall short of maintaining comfy temperatures. Inefficient cooling and heating will eventually take its toll on the system, not to mention on your bank account with high energy costs. Although zoning is possible on some ducted HVAC systems, it won’t be effective in creating customized, independent temperature in particular rooms. The same goes for closing HVAC grilles and vents in unused, rarely visited areas.

How a Mitsubishi Electric Wall-Mounted Unit Can Help

Mitsubishi ElectricFor rooms that have specific heating or cooling requirements, consider a ductless system from Mitsubishi Electric. Thanks to its zone control feature, it gives you the freedom to achieve the most comfortable temperature in certain areas only. This feature makes it more energy efficient compared to a traditional ducted system—you only cool down or warm up a room as needed.

Moreover, there’s less air leakage and energy loss with wall-mounted units compared to ones installed in windows and traditional ducted HVAC units. A wall-mounted system only needs a small hole for the indoor unit’s piping to connect to an outdoor compressor, unlike other bulky heating and cooling equipment.


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