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How Pendant Lighting Can Perfect Your Home Styling May 15, 2019

Hopewell, Mercer County
How Pendant Lighting Can Perfect Your Home Styling , Hopewell, New Jersey

If you’re searching for a stylish yet functional way to brighten your home, consider pendant lights. These devices feature individual bulbs that are hung from the ceiling to create an ornamental effect. To better understand how these features can complement your home design or what they can accomplish in a home remodeling project, here are a few unique benefits of pendant lighting you should know.   

3 Advantages of Pendant Lights

1. Versatile Placement Options

The only real requirement for installing pendant fixtures is a solid surface from which they can be hung. The wiring can also be adjusted so that they can hang from any length. As such, these features can add an elegant and luxurious look to nearly any room, making them a flexible and forgiving lighting option for home remodeling projects.

Many homeowners place pendant lights over areas that benefit from direct illumination, such as over a dining table or kitchen island. Popular installation locations also include outdoor seating areas and patios that feature structural overhangs. You can also use individual pendant lights in smaller spaces, such as around a bathroom vanity, where they can create the perfect illumination as you get ready to start your day.  

2. Varied Styles

home-remodelingWith many styles of pendant fixtures available, you’ll have no trouble finding a product that fits the look of your home remodeling plans.

Unless they are completely exposed, pendant lights are paired with housings that come in a variety of shapes and sizes—as well as produce an assortment of effects. For example, bowl-shaped housings can mute and diffuse the light. Drum or shade housings, on the other hand, help focus the light so that it shines on whatever is directly below.

Pendant lights also come in different configurations. While some may be hung individually, others may be grouped together and hung at varying lights to produce a cascading look. Others may be organized in a linear formation to cover larger widths—such as over a table or countertop.

3. Soft & Atmospheric Illumination

When you want to feature superior mood lighting in your home remodeling project, pendant fixtures are an easy choice. When left exposed or with minimal caging, these bulbs can illuminate a space in every direction. Typically, the effect is much softer than what you might expect with recessed, fluorescent, or track lights. If you want to highlight a specific area, such as a piece of furniture or desk area, hang the bulb closer to the surface.



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