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3 Ways to Protect Your Collector Car From Rust May 15, 2019

Charlotte, Charlotte, NC
3 Ways to Protect Your Collector Car From Rust, Charlotte, North Carolina

Collector cars are a perfect investment because they usually appreciate in value over time, but to get the most out of your money, you have to keep it in great shape. That means making sure it remains free of rust. Whether you keep it stored away, use it for nice weekend drives, or love showing it off at vintage car shows, it’s important to follow these rust prevention tips.

How to Keep Your Collector Car Rust-Free

1. Store It Properly

Since moisture is the main culprit behind troublesome rust, it’s vital to ensure the storage space is dry and airy. You can even use an inflatable plastic tent outfitted with fans to maintain a consistent airflow and keep it protected. Whenever your antique car is in storage, disconnect the battery to avoid draining it, and crack the windows, so the interior stays dry.

2. Regularly Wash & Wax

Collector CarsWashing away any dirt, debris, or salt from your collector car prevents rust from forming, and the addition of a proper wax provides a protective barrier and maintains your paint’s shine. In addition to cleaning the outside, it’s also important to avoid interior spills, as these can soak through the carpet and cause rust to form from the inside.

3. Don’t Keep Antique Cars in Hibernation

If you want your collector car to look great for the next exhibit, drive it regularly, even in the winter. Not using it causes rust to form on the brake disks and other components, so at least once a month, drive it for at least 10 miles. While out, it’s also suggested to run the air conditioning system, as this reduces leaking from the pressure seals.


Following these simple tips will keep your collector car in pristine condition, so it will be ready to be shown off at the next show hosted by the Charlotte AutoFair in Mecklenburg County, NC. This biannual auto show draws over 10,000 car enthusiasts, sellers, and buyers who share a passion for antique vehicles. For over 30 years, this event has brought together fans of custom cars and local vendors across their 150-acre venue. Find out how you can join the show by calling (704) 841-1990, or visit them online for a calendar of events.
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