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How a Mitsubishi Electric® Wall-Mounted AC Addresses Home Temperatures May 14, 2019

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How a Mitsubishi Electric® Wall-Mounted AC Addresses Home Temperatures, Port Chester, New York

When summer’s heat hits your home, you’re going to want an efficient, cost-effective way to cool it down. With Mitsubishi Electric® wall-mounted units, you’ll gain targeted control over each room, saving on costly bills each month. For insight into how a wall-mounted AC can efficiently cool your home without breaking the bank, here’s a helpful guide.

A Guide to Wall-Mounted Units

How a Wall-Mounted AC Helps Maintain Temperatures & Reduce Energy Costs

Although many homeowners have central air in their homes, cooling each room with one blanket temperature isn’t the most efficient or effective method. The reason for this is that each room has its own distinct temperature based on where it’s located. For instance, attics tend to retain heat due to their sun-facing positions, whereas basements tend to be cooler due to their location underground.

A wall-mounted AC from Mitsubishi Electric will allow you to customize the temperature of each room to suit your comfort level. As opposed to ducted systems, which heat and cool each room at the same temperature, Mitsubishi Electric wall-mounted units deliver heat or cool air only where it’s needed. You can target the air conditioning only to the areas of your home that truly need it, as opposed to wastefully blasting it in colder rooms. This energy-efficient method is not only more eco-friendly, but it will also significantly cut down on your family’s monthly energy bills.

Experienced Enhanced Filtration & Remote Access

wall-mounted ACMitsubishi Electric wall-mounted units also have enhanced filtration systems, which can more effectively remove allergy-inducing contaminations from your home. Also, they are incredibly user-friendly, offering smart technology that allows you to customize your thermostats with a remote. As a result, you’ll enjoy cleaner air and the most comfortable temperature regardless of where you are in the house.


If you’re looking for an energy-efficient Mitsubishi Electric wall-mounted AC for your home, look no further than Arctic Mechanical Heating & Cooling in Port Chester, NY. Since 1997, this family-owned and -operated business has proudly serviced HVAC systems in the Tri-State area for both residential and commercial property owners. Known throughout the area for providing reliable services at affordable prices, they’re offering a rebate of up to $500 off their cutting-edge wall-mounted AC until June 7, 2019, so there’s no better time to get one of your own. To upgrade your air conditioning system with multi-zone cooling before summer hits, give them a call today at (914) 934-8301 or visit them online for more information.

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