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5 Ways to Remember Your Keys June 26, 2019

Kenvil, Morris County
5 Ways to Remember Your Keys, Kenvil, New Jersey

Almost everyone has accidentally locked themselves out of their house. If this happens to you, you may have to call a locksmith to let you back in. To avoid this problem, here are a few tips to help you make sure you never leave the house without your keys again.

5 Ways to Avoid Calling a Locksmith

1. Get a New Keychain

Make your keyring easier to notice and harder to misplace by using a big, brightly colored keychain. Not only will this make your keys easier to spot on your way out the door; if you choose something heavy, you're more likely to notice if they're not in your hand, bag, or pocket because of the difference in weight.

2. Have a Designated Key Spot

LocksmithAs soon as you get home, put your keys in the same spot. This can be a hook, bowl, or soap dish near the door. By having a designated spot, you make it less likely you'll lose them, and by placing it near the door, you're more likely to see your keys on the way out.

3. Always Lock from the Outside

Many people have automatic door locks, or they set their lock from inside and then close the door behind them. However, this is a recipe for a visit from the locksmith. Instead of taking the risk of forgetting your keys, close the door and lock it from the outside. This way you can't lock your door at all if you don't have your keys in hand.

4. Invest in Tech Solutions

If your problem is that your keys get lost frequently, you can add a keyfob which will light up and make noise when you hit the remote or call it with your phone. This way they'll be easy to find when you're in a hurry to get out the door.

5. Keep a Spare

If worst comes to worst and you do leave your keys inside, being prepared will help ensure you don't have to call a locksmith. Keep a spare key in your wallet, leave one with a trusted neighbor, or store it in a secure locking box outside your door with a code only you know.


If you do need a locksmith to let you back into your house, call Able Security Locksmiths in Kenvil, NJ. Serving Morris, Sussex, and Warren counties, they have over 25 years of experience with lock installation, repair, rekeying, and lockouts. They are available 24/7 for emergencies. Visit them online or call (973)-584-3033 to arrange a visit.

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