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What Are Some of the Rarest Coins in the World? May 15, 2019

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What Are Some of the Rarest Coins in the World?, High Point, North Carolina

Not every rare coin is expensive, but some are highly sought after by buyers. Often, a mistake during the coining process or the destruction of many of the coins in a series is what makes certain ones very rare. Here are some examples worth learning about. 

3 Rare Coins You Should Know About

1. 1933 $20 Double Eagle

Originally introduced in 1907, the double eagle was created by sculptor Saint-Gaudens, and many consider it the most beautiful coin America ever minted. On one side, Harriette Eugenia Anderson is portrayed as Lady Liberty, and the other shows an eagle taking flight. In 1933, President Franklin Roosevelt removed the gold standard, and ordered all 1933 double eagle coins returned to Fort Knox and melted down. Two coins were given to the Smithsonian, and recently a third has appeared. 

2. 1794-95 Flowing Hair Copper Dollar

rare coinThe first silver dollars created for the United States were coined by a mint on October 15, 1794. The largest press the mint possessed was for pennies and half-dollars, so the larger dollar coins didn’t fit correctly. This caused the casters to strike them twice to make a solid impression, but in many cases the two impressions were not effectively lined up. Before casting them, a copper version was made, and these were the first dollar coins created in America.

3.  1343 Double Leopard Edward III Florin

Florins were originally coined in Florence, but in 1943, King Edward III had a gold one created with his image. It weighed more than 6 schillings and showed him mounting the throne with a leopard head on each side. It was not considered compliant with the declared par value and was removed from circulation. Two of these rare coins were given to the British Museum, and another was sold at auction via a private party.


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