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How Your HVAC System May Be Spreading Mold May 7, 2019

Charleston, Staten Island
How Your HVAC System May Be Spreading Mold, Staten Island, New York

Mold problems in the home can take a significant toll both on your wallet and your health. Not only is mold growth unsightly, but it can reach deep into your home's wood, carpeting, and other surfaces, causing extensive damage. Additionally, some kinds of mold release toxic spores that can cause a wide range of respiratory issues. Controlling mold growth in your home is essential — and to do this effectively, you need an efficient heating and air conditioning system.

Why Your HVAC System Impacts Mold Growth

Air Conditioning SystemMold spores are always present at low levels in your home. However, to begin growing, they need a certain amount of moisture. Humid homes are a hotspot for mold growth, while ones with dryer air can escape this issue.

One of the biggest factors in your home's humidity is your heating and air conditioning system. Your AC’s ductwork provides a secluded, damp place for mold to thrive. And when you turn the HVAC unit on, the airflow circulates these spores throughout your home. 

How to Dehumidify More Effectively

Spring is one of the most humid times of the year, so if your air conditioning system isn't keeping up and you're worried about mold growth, it’s time to upgrade. Mitsubishi Electric® offers a wide range of convenient air conditioning systems that are easy to install and will keep your home's air dry as well as help you stay cool. Wall-mounted units, for example, use narrow refrigerant lines in place of ductwork, giving mold one less place to thrive. Their advanced filtration systems also help remove existing spores from the air.


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