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3 Reasons You Need Lot Clearing May 15, 2019

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3 Reasons You Need Lot Clearing, Saratoga, Wisconsin

Vacant plots of land hold plenty of promise. They’re ideal for constructing new homes, establishing public facilities, or building businesses. If they’re cluttered with brush, debris, and trees, lot clearing professionals will need to overhaul the space before any work begins. To prepare you for your upcoming construction project, here are a few reasons why you must use this service at the first stage of building.

Why Is Lot Clearing Necessary?

lot clearing1. It Makes Way for Construction

Dead trees, broken branches, trash, and other debris that have accumulated on a lot over the years create an uneven ground that doesn’t allow for a stable foundation. Clearing the land of diseased greenery creates a safe, blank canvas on which any construction can be built.

2. It Eliminates Possible Hazards

Over time, wood may start to rot as trees decay and wither. Diseases from the rot can spread through the soil and even contaminate groundwater, affecting you and your neighbors. Lot clearing eliminates those hazardous growths to safeguard healthy plants and trees in the vicinity. Excessive vegetation also increases the risk of fires, so removing dead trees, stumps, and plants can keep your property safe.

3. It Elevates Local Appeal

The appearance of a messy patch of land not only brings down the value of the property, but it can also devalue the entire neighborhood. By reducing the amount of clutter in a lot, you help the area appeal to prospective tenants and buyers and allow them to picture their own homes and businesses in that space.


If you need lot clearing services to boost the appeal of a lot or prepare it for construction, turn to DCM Landscaping LLC & Total Lawn Car in the area of Nekoosa, WI. With over 27 years of experience, this landscaping company can handle everything from basic lawn maintenance to tree work and water feature installation. Their licensed and insured contractors sit down with their clients and discuss their visions to ensure they always meet their goals and expectations. Visit them online for more information on their services, or call (715) 325-5548 to discuss a project.

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