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How to Spot Roof Damage After Strong Winds May 13, 2019

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How to Spot Roof Damage After Strong Winds, St. Louis, Missouri

High winds are destructive for all roofs, and older homes are particularly susceptible to storm damage. Even if the damage was slight, it will still result in leaks and compromise the integrity of the structure. If a storm with strong winds has passed through, immediately check your home’s exterior for damage.

Homeowner’s Guide to Checking for Storm Damage

How It Happens

Wind can cause damage in a few ways. It can blow debris around — such as unsecured lawn furniture or dead tree limbs — puncture the roof, and destroy gutters. The wind can also catch the edges of shingles, loosening the nails, curling the shingle, or ripping it off altogether. When the wind lifts the nails, it destroys the seal between the shingles but becomes an invisible problem when they settle back down. Get a professional to inspect for such hidden damage.

What to Look Forstorm damage

The key to catching storm damage before it compromises your home is a thorough inspection immediately after the storm passes. Get a ladder and carefully go up onto the roof to do this. Look for shingles that are curled upward at the edges of missing altogether. Check the flashing around the roof’s chimney, peaks and valleys for missing or damaged sections. Look at the edges of all the shingles to see whether they look loose; if they do, they may have been lifted by the wind. Then, go inside your attic to look for signs of light coming through the roof or wetness anywhere underneath it. For safety and assurance, call a roofing contractor to look for storm damage.


If you see any signs of storm damage, have the repairs done before the next storm comes through. Larson Exteriors is the trusted roofing contractor for homeowners throughout Greater St. Louis, MO. This family-owned and -operated roofer is known for their dedication to customer satisfaction at affordable prices. They’ll restore your home so it can handle any coming storms. Contact them online or at (314) 660-7014 to request a free estimate.

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