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What New Mothers Should Know About Newborn Oral Health May 12, 2019

Passaic, Passaic
What New Mothers Should Know About Newborn Oral Health, Passaic, New Jersey

Whether your children are still showing gummy grins or flaunting their first tooth, Mother’s Day is often a time to smile. With so many smiles around, new moms are bound to wonder about how to care for their newborn’s oral health. If you’re fresh to the parenting game, here are a few dental care tips to help your little one develop healthy teeth and curb oral issues.

What Dental Care Tips Should New Moms Know?

Oral Hygiene Is Important for Newborns

Although babies don’t have teeth at first, parents should still make an effort to keep their mouths clean to avoid bacteria buildup. Baby formula contains high levels of sugar, so gently wipe your baby’s gums to remove any residue that attracts bacteria.

When your child starts to develop baby teeth, use a children’s toothbrush and a pea-sized amount of kid-friendly toothpaste to keep them clean and prevent cavities, which can also affect babies.

Breastfeeding Offers Benefits

dental careBreastfeeding can bring many oral health benefits to newborns. The act of suckling can help them develop a strong bite and reduce the the risk of baby bottle syndrome. This problem occurs when babies fall asleep while sucking on a bottle, which leaves the sugar in formulas and breast milk sitting in their mouths. As oral bacteria consume these sugars, they produce acids that contribute to early tooth decay. Whether you breastfeed or use a bottle, cleaning your baby’s mouth after mealtime will help keep their gums healthy.

Dentist Visits Should Start Early

Children must have their first dental care check-up by the time their first baby tooth emerges or before they’re six months. This allows a dentist to assess a baby’s overall oral health and address any potential problems with tooth development. Early visits also help children get used to the experience so that they’re less likely to experience dental anxiety in the future.


If you’re a new mom, Smile Central Dental can help you take care of your little one’s mouth. Serving the New Jersey area, this pediatric dentist offers preventive, restorative, and emergency dental care to address the need of young patients. Understanding that kids can be nervous at the dentist, these caring professionals make the experience as fun and comfortable as possible with the help of Snickers, their therapy dog. Learn more about children’s dentistry online, or call (973) 742-4200 to reach their Paterson office, (201) 325-8444 for Union City, or (973) 574-1000 to schedule an appointment in Passaic.

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