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3 Ways to Prevent ATV Repairs July 11, 2019

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3 Ways to Prevent ATV Repairs, North Pole, Alaska

All-terrain vehicles (ATV) are exciting devices to help you spend quality time in nature with friends or family. Like other cars, these require routine maintenance and inspections to maximize their longevity and prevent malfunction. Here are some tips that will help you care for your vehicle and avoid a need for ATV repairs.

How to Prolong the Life of Your ATV

1. Check the FluidsATV repair

Just like an automobile, your ATV requires routine oil changes to maintain optimal engine performance. A lack of lubrication causes the internal metal parts to rub against each other and create friction, which can permanently damage and shorten the lifespan of the engine. When changing your oil, check the coolant level and top off as necessary to keep your engine from overheating. 

2. Test the Tire Pressure

Low tire pressure affects the braking and handling of an ATV, decreasing its off-road performance. The lack of friction on the terrain can also increase the risk of an accident and the need for ATV repair. To avoid these issues, use a gauge to check the pressure of all four tires and take them for refills as necessary.

3. Wash It 

After spending the entire day outdoors, your ATV is bound to be covered in dirt and grime. When left to sit, this can trap moisture and lead to issues such as rust and corrosion. Rust can eventually spread to other parts of the vehicle, including the engine, which compromises the way it runs. To keep your ATV in top shape, routinely wash the exterior of the car using a hose, scrub brush, and soapy water to remove accumulated particles.


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